63 / For The Head (And Shed)


Reading time: 1 minute

At a minimum, any wannabe smallholder worth their salt, needs a shed in which to store their shit, right?

Well, I score high on these two fronts: I've both a shed and it’s full of shit.

Just like my brain these days. 

As I hauled outside, half a headboard and more spoiled cans of paint than I cared to number, the effort felt good.

I thought about wasted energy prior, before recalling some helpful conclusions:

  • No breakdown or interpretation of news — be it online, in-print or face-to-face — will bring us the calm we seek.

  • Anyone peddling “breaking” anything must be ignored.

  • There's no value in hearing or saying anything new. Wisdom lies in the old; the tried and trusted; not the novel. 

Turn it all off. Go outside - especially while it’s still cold - and clear out the shed.

You’ll feel so much better for it.

Take care - S