Humans. We’re not half-bad, we just need to try (less) harder.

Hi, I’m Scott Bryan, a designer and writer wondering if we can have more with less.

Let me explain:

As we force ourselves through the science and progress sausage machine, we perform the astonishing feat of continuing to believe our own hype: Material progress will see us right.

But it won’t.

History has shown, as human power and knowledge increases, it also allows us to wreak destruction on ever larger scales.

Sure we live longer and have higher living standards, but that’s a benefit reserved for us humanoids. What about everything else?

For F*ture’s Sake, I think we need to calm the f*ck down.

If the pandemic and climate crisis has taught us anything it’s this: A copernican shift is underway. Humans are not the fulcrum upon which the earth spins.

But don’t despair. This is good news — I promise.

I mean, think of the relief! In recognising we matter no more than anything else on planet earth we can finally:


My writing is an injunction against the pitter-patter of everyday life. 

It's a journey of discovery — of seeking a better way to be — both personally and communally.

Some of the time, you’ll find me groping for theoretical scaffolding on which to erect my thoughts. They may seem shaky or even deranged.

But hopefully, they're always thought-provoking, and mostly fun!

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