From deskbound to breaking new ground.

Hi, I’m Scott, a professional indoorsman transitioning to a tiny farm future.

Starting this year, I’m on a mission to fulfill a long-held intention — convert my family's large city garden, into a tiny city farm.

Currently a deskbound Graphic Designer based in Ireland, I recently chopped my working hours in half and started making plans.


I’m thinking partly about food security, partly about helping our beleaguered ecosystem, but I’m also thinking about having fun — and lots of it.

I want to have fun with my wife and kids, while exposing us to invaluable, practical life skills. And I’d love to share our journey with you too.

The Plan

In addition to planting fruit trees and vegetables, I aim to have a small apiary, learn more about food preservation, and — if only I could persuade my wife — keep a few chickens too.

But there’s a problem:

I haven’t a clue what I’m doing.

Beyond growing a few spuds, I’ve no experience of smallholding; I don’t compost and I hate mowing the lawn. Even house plants won't live for me. Some of them don't even wait to die; they commit suicide.

But I reckon I can learn on the job.

I’ve got a couple of goods books, oodles of enthusiasm and I’m in the middle of a beekeeping course too. But best of all, I’ve got a reasonable amount of space in which to practice — 400m² to be precise.

Rewilding Ourselves And Nature

Nature should not be this separate thing we visit, but are instead surrounded by and part of everyday. 

Regenerating available space, however small, isn't about creating pristine wilderness devoid of humans; or manicured gardens lacking wildlife. It's about meeting nature half way — rewilding ourselves while cultivating the environment to meet our needs, and theirs.

Amongst the fruit and veg, or whatever you’ve got growing on your balcony, yard or country estate; every bird, every bird feeder, every bit of wild, every weed counts. It’s a constant and vital battle; but also — I hope — a lot of fun.

Follow us on our exciting journey.

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